Newsletters: 2013

The First Test.

Welcome to this edition of Southern Cross Yachting Enews. What a weekend in sport we have just seen! The Kangaroos knocked over the Fijians to advance to the rugby league world cup final, the Wallabies beat Scotland to make it an unheard of 3 wins in a row, and the mighty Australian golf team took […]

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Southern Cross wins class in Keppel race!

Welcome to this edition of Southern Cross Yachting Enews. Like many of you, at the beginning of each new year I set myself goals for the year. This year my list included – learn to speak French, rid the world of poverty, clean out the garage, cure cancer, not put any more dents in my […]

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It was an accident waiting to happen.

I fell off my pushbike this morning. There I was speeding down a small slope (admittedly whilst fantasizing that I was descending some storied peak in the Tour de France, Evans, Froome and Contador in my wake). At the bottom of this storied climb (it must be at least 8 meters) a dear old thing […]

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Dinner time at the Job household is held in the traditional manner. No lounging around in front of the TV watching Bondi chef for us – we all gather at the dining room table each night– with the head of the household at the head of the table. I sit on the King’s right and […]

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Turn off the television!

Welcome to this edition of Southern Cross Yachting ENews. I am happy to admit I am not an avid watcher of television. On the rare occasion that I find myself with nothing to do of an evening I would rather read a book or look on the interweb at some subject I am actually interested […]

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Update on Everest mission.

Welcome to an unusual Thursday edition of Southern Cross Yachting Enews. No I am not sitting in a tent at Everest base camp typing away on my iPad waiting for the weather window for an attempt at the summit. The Everest Mission is on hold for now, due to pressure from the King and Prince […]

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At the Movies.

Welcome to this edition of Southern Cross Yachting Enews and my first effort as a movie reviewer. If this goes well I might buy myself a nice cardigan, grow a van dyke beard and start smoking a pipe. Then I will look the part of a movie reviewer. It is said that a pipe gives […]

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Pure Genius

Welcome to this edition of Southern Cross Yachting Enews. Recent events have caused me to ponder on the true meaning of the word ‘genius’. One answer is a person who scores 140 or greater in an IQ test. Another apparently is a person who works in an Apple store, and no, I don’t mean the […]

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Living legend to run 5 day course!

Welcome to this ‘Stop Press’ special edition of Southern Cross News! We have a 5 day course next week and we just have secured the services of one of the greats of the sailing instructing world and we have two places still available. This legendary instructor is making a rare guest star appearance and this […]

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No eggs but a trophy!

Welcome to this week’s edition of Southern Cross Yachting Enews. The Queensland sailing calendar, not unlike the Catholic Church calendar, is a series of big and small events spread (seemingly at random) throughout the year. But the Easter weekend is a biggy for both organisations! Yes the 65th Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht race has been […]

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