Newsletters: 2014

The Long and Short of It

Well the shopping centres all have Bing Crosby crooning though the speakers, all the staff are wearing reindeer red hats and there is tinsel everywhere. This can only mean one thing is fast approaching. The start of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race. And what a race it will be this year. When I was […]

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Spring Cleaning

My apologies for not having sent a newsletter for some time, but I have been receiving treatment for a very serious medical condition. Yes dear reader a month ago I became aware that for years I had been unknowingly suffering from ‘Diogenes syndrome’. Otherwise known as compulsive hoarding syndrome. I only became aware of my […]

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I mentioned in an earlier edition of my ramblings, that the Job household life is now centred around a hairy, noisy and completely insane 15 month old border collie named Ellie. She is the first greeted by everyone in the morning and the last to be hugged good night. Did I say she was insane? […]

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Get a haircut & get a real job…..

So what is your dream job? Maybe you are one of the 9% of people who have their childhood dream job. This figure came from a recent survey on LinkedIn, and given that most people on LinkedIn appear to be looking for a job, this may not be representative of the wider population. Interestingly the […]

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Red sky at night….

Is there a more emotive time of day than sunset? For some it signifies the end of the day and a time to relax, for others it heralds the mystery and excitement of the night to follow. For most it is a time to relax, remove a cork (unwinding a screw top doesn’t have quite […]

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Welcome to this edition of Southern Cross Yachting Enews. Firstly let me announce the winner of the great ‘Share Southern Cross’s FB (!) page and win a WAGS race for 8 people’ competition. Yes with the power and technology of Facebook at our fingertips, we wrote all the names on little bits of paper and […]

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The 8th Keppel Race

Welcome to this Brisbane to Keppel Yacht Race edition of Southern Cross Yachting Enews. This year’s race was the hardest yet and, despite a sterling performance by Team Southern Cross, sadly there was no trip to the podium for us this year. Race day dawned clear and sunny with a forecast tailor-made for a Sydney […]

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Remote Control

I bought a new heater this week, much to the amusement of my friends who live in Victoria. Of course they have no idea how cold it can get up here in the deep north in the depths of winter. They think that we only use it to dry clothes or to prove bread, having […]

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Fashions on the field…

It is said that ‘Clothes maketh the man’. Now I have absolutely no idea what that means but I guess it has something to do with first impressions being based on how one is dressed. This would appear to be somewhat of a misnomer given that many very undesirable people in history have been quite […]

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So you want to be a charter skipper?

Working in the commercial sailing industry just got a lot simpler with the announcement by the government regulator AMSA (the Australian Maritime Safety Authority) that the RYA Yachtmaster certificate is now recognised as a Masters qualification on commercial sailing vessels in Australian waters. This announcement was made to a stunned audience at this year’s RYA […]

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