Newsletters: 2015

Presents for the Big End of Town.

For many of us the anticipation builds at this time as the most important family day of the year approaches. Yes it is only just over a week now as we prepare to gather our friends and loved ones around us and sit down together to enjoy this most important of events. The start of […]

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On the First Day of Christmas…..

As I braved the crowds at Carindale Shopping Centre yesterday, I was subjected to a never ending sound track of Christmas music, with the ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ featuring heavily. Now this got me to thinking about the origins of this song. I am sure you are familiar with the concept that the person […]

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Shrinking sharks

I read with interest a story in this morning’s Australian, that global warming will cause sharks to become smaller. No I don’t think they mean the existing sharks will start to shrink, but over time each species will get smaller. By the year 2500, we will no longer be fearful of the ‘not so great’ […]

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Seriously for once…..

Usually I use this newsletter to try and make you all laugh. Well, I think I am funny anyway, but this week I want to talk about something serious. Deadly serious. Cancer. I would doubt that there is anyone reading this who hasn’t been touched by it in some way, at some time. 1 in […]

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Sailors Use Their Heads

There has been much talk in the yachting press recently about the compulsory wearing of helmets in our sport. Now I am all for safety naturally, but when do we stop, tie our boats up and go hide under the bed? Obviously there are some classes of racing boat where a helmet is not just […]

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Got to love this time of year

As I type I am feeling quite bloated having feasted on a heavy meal of humble pie and crow in the wake of events at Trent Bridge overnight. Watching the Australians bat last night was like watching a bad car accident and it happened almost as fast. For the second innings I think they should […]

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Did you see the cricket?

Well what a wonderful weekend of sport if you are an Australian! For both my readers in the UK, you may wish to delete this newsletter now. I refer of course to the magnificent win at Lords by Michael Clarke and the team. The only thing better than beating the Pom’s at home is humiliating […]

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The things you see on the Bay!

The last few weeks have seen some interesting and unusual sailing vessels plying the beautiful waters of Moreton Bay. The most famous being none other than Captain Jack Sparrow’s ‘Black Pearl’. Yes folks, with the filming of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie here in South East Queensland, the Black Pearl has become a […]

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Baby on Board

Many of you who have completed courses with Southern Cross over the past 12 months will have had Matt Dickinson as your instructor. It is with some sadness that we farewell Matt as he leaves to continue his circumnavigation. Matt retired from the Royal Air Force a few years ago and he and his lovely […]

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Notice to Mariners

Last weekend was somewhat of a landmark in our lives, as for the first time in 18 years Jenny and I were ‘child free’. ‘The King’ was snowboarding in Japan, catching a few late season runs as you do when you are 15. Prince William, about to turn 18 now lives in that parallel universe […]

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