Newsletters: July, 2012

Enough about floating off!

Good lord the ‘Who will float off first’ can of worms is showing no signs of abating with still more replies pouring in. Many I might add telling me I am wrong! Once and for all it has nothing to do with the mass and momentum of supertankers, the uplifting moment of a canoe or […]

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So who floated first?

Well who could’ve predicted the response generated by a simple question I posed last week? From the number of replies we have received I just hope no heated arguments have ruined friendships! As you will recall, I told (rather bravely I thought) the story about 2 of our school boats running aground next to each […]

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A big few weeks in sport.

As the new financial year gets underway, sport has shoved the economy and politics off the front page of our newspapers. Hundreds of thousands of Australians are nodding off at their desks this morning, exhausted after staying up all night watching a bunch of skinny guys in lycra ride around France. Yes for 21 days […]

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