Newsletters: May, 2013

Turn off the television!

Welcome to this edition of Southern Cross Yachting ENews. I am happy to admit I am not an avid watcher of television. On the rare occasion that I find myself with nothing to do of an evening I would rather read a book or look on the interweb at some subject I am actually interested […]

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Update on Everest mission.

Welcome to an unusual Thursday edition of Southern Cross Yachting Enews. No I am not sitting in a tent at Everest base camp typing away on my iPad waiting for the weather window for an attempt at the summit. The Everest Mission is on hold for now, due to pressure from the King and Prince […]

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At the Movies.

Welcome to this edition of Southern Cross Yachting Enews and my first effort as a movie reviewer. If this goes well I might buy myself a nice cardigan, grow a van dyke beard and start smoking a pipe. Then I will look the part of a movie reviewer. It is said that a pipe gives […]

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