Newsletters: July, 2014

Remote Control

I bought a new heater this week, much to the amusement of my friends who live in Victoria. Of course they have no idea how cold it can get up here in the deep north in the depths of winter. They think that we only use it to dry clothes or to prove bread, having […]

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Fashions on the field…

It is said that ‘Clothes maketh the man’. Now I have absolutely no idea what that means but I guess it has something to do with first impressions being based on how one is dressed. This would appear to be somewhat of a misnomer given that many very undesirable people in history have been quite […]

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So you want to be a charter skipper?

Working in the commercial sailing industry just got a lot simpler with the announcement by the government regulator AMSA (the Australian Maritime Safety Authority) that the RYA Yachtmaster certificate is now recognised as a Masters qualification on commercial sailing vessels in Australian waters. This announcement was made to a stunned audience at this year’s RYA […]

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Tuition & Courses