Newsletters: 2016

My annual Christmas address and gift voucher plug

Welcome to a very long overdue, yet special Xmas edition of Southern Cross Yachting Enews. My usual denial of the approach of the festive season has served me well again this year, having only, in the last few days, been forced to accept that it is nearly Christmas. The first hint for me came two […]

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On the Podium Again!

Welcome to this Brisbane to Keppel race report edition of Southern Cross Yachting Enews. The 10th edition of the great race proved to be the one we had all been waiting for. Yes this year we had wind – lots and lots of wind. With a gale warning in place the day before the race […]

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Record Attempt

Welcome to this special edition of Southern Cross Yachting ENews. We thank the Manly Village times for allowing us to reprint this story from Friday’s front page… Sports news Local Boys to go for 24 hour record in Brisbane to Keppel Race. Manly Village Times. Friday 29th July 2016. As the yachting world celebrates the […]

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Sail and Get Paid For It!

If you have plenty of time to spare, google ‘Sailing Video Blogs’ or search for the same thing on YouTube and you will be blown away by what you find. It seems that it is inconceivable to not share every moment of your sailing with the world when you head off cruising. There are literally […]

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Rio or Keppel?

As one gets older time appears to accelerate. It only seems like a few weeks ago that we were pulling down the Xmas tree but here we are now already in June with the biggest event of Australia’s sporting calendar rushing towards us. Yes folks preparations for ‘the race that stops the nation’ are well […]

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We the Navigators

Throughout history there have been some truly astounding feats of navigation. These days a few taps on our phone will give us our location within a few meters but prior to the likes of GPS, Radar, Decca and Loran, the stars and the sun were the only way of fixing our position in the ocean. […]

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Happy Easter

I spent most of the weekend in bed. No I wasn’t unwell (thanks for the concern), I was merely exhausted after returning from a 5 day school sailing camp. This time it was the year 10 boys and girls from St Paul’s – and I must say what a polite, fun and enthusiastic bunch of […]

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The Mediterranean diet

As our summer draws to a close (well despite it being in the mid 30’s today), in the world’s other great sailing paradise, the Mediterranean, preparations are getting underway for the season ahead. Across Greece, Croatia, France and Spain charter companies are refitting boats, taverna’s are being swept, old men are preparing to spend the […]

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The Way We Were

Welcome to this New Year’s edition of Southern Cross Yachting Enews. The interwebs, Facebook (or FB as us in crowd call it), in particular, never ceases to astound me. Like searching for diamonds on the beach, if you sift through the funny dog/cat videos, the shots of someone’s drink, the self congratulating selfies because someone […]

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