One day practical RYA sailing course




Never set foot on a yacht before but want to have a go? The Introduction
to Sailing course is for you. Conducted on board one of our approved
training yachts, this course will not only teach you the basics of
sailing yachts, it will whet your appetite for more! The course also
counts towards the 2 day RYA Start Yachting Course.

Duration: 1 day

Previous experience required: None.

You will learn to steer the yacht and work the sails as you sail the boat around beautiful Moreton Bay. The course teaches ropes & knots, how to work the sails and winches, steering and using the compass and safety on board. Students also gain some knowledge of charts and what the buoys and beacons mean. At the end of the course, not only will you understand the basics of yachting; you will be awarded a certificate from the Southern Cross School of Yachting to prove it!



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Two People $310 each, 1 Person $360

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