Sea Survival Course – RYA/MCA & ISAF

Safety and Sea Survival Course. 
Two day course


Training covers the requirements of ISAF Special Regulation 6.01 Appendix G for Category Zero, One and Two yacht races globally. You will receive an RYA /ISAF certificate on course completion.

The syllabus delivered meets the requirements of the International Sailing Federation and the MCA/RYA as well as Australian Yacht Racing Authorities. You will be provided with a comprehensive set of course notes and handouts on arrival.
Your instructor/s are Cape Horn veterans with extensive Southern Ocean/severe weather sailing experience.
The theory session on the first morning is followed by the wet drills in the afternoon. The second day is theory in the classroom.

Yachting Australia Sea Survival Revalidation Course. One day course


Training covers the requirements of the YA SR 6.01.  You will receive a YA’s  certificate  on course completion.
The theory session in the morning is followed by the wet drills in the afternoon.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is only for sailors who have previously completed YA’S SSSC course. If your YA Certificate has expired by over 12months you must do the full 2 day course again.
You must have logged 2500nm in the last 5 years to be eligible for this one day revalidation and produce proof of sea miles.

Course Content:
Yachting in its many forms is one of the safest recreational activities and 99% of yachtsmen will never use a life raft, or send a mayday or use a distress flare.

However if you are one of the unlucky few your chances of survival will be greatly increased if you know how to use your safety equipment and how to assist your crew members in the event of an emergency.

Over sixty percent of participants in this course are cruising sailors both male and female, who wish to gain confidence in the use of safety equipment, and remove uncertainty from the distress situation.

The syllabus for this sea survival course was developed from the experiences of yachtsmen during the tragic 1998 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. Personal survival training for offshore racing crew is now mandatory for sailors competing under International Sailing Federation (ISAF) Racing Rules of Sailing category zero, one and two events. It is indisputable that trained crew have a greater chance of survival than untrained crew…

Sea Survival course Southern Cross YachtingWhat will I learn?

  • Safety planning and my duty of care
  • Emergency planning
  • Use and maintenance of personal safety equipment
  • Yacht safety and survival equipment
  • Practical use of life rafts and flares
  • How to survive in the water when overboard
  • Global search and rescue structures
  • How to use emergency communication equipment
  • Helicopter rescue drills
  • Methods of being rescued
  • Severe weather avoidance and meteorology
  • Heavy weather seamanship
  • Use of storm equipment
  • Damage control
  • Fire fighting at sea
  • Crew overboard drills
  • Dealing with marine medical emergencies.
  • Multihull survival strategies

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