Safety & Sea Survival Courses: full course, and refresher

Australian Sailing Safety & Sea Survival:  Full course, two days

Trained crew have a greater chance of survival in emergency situations than untrained crew, making this course valuable for ocean racers and bluewater cruisers alike.

The course was developed by Australian Sailing to provide survival training for offshore sailors and is mandatory for 50% of a yacht’s crew in Category 1 Offshore Races and recommended for Category 2.   

Through case studies and classroom discussions, students gain skills and knowledge to:  understand and manage risks; understand the responsibilities of owners, skippers and crew; and ultimately maximise the chances of survival during incidents and emergencies at sea.   The course covers equipment, procedures and survival techniques; and students gain confidence in hands-on drills with distress flares and life raft safety equipment, reducing the uncertainty from emergency situations. 

What will I learn?

  • Safety planning and my duty of care
  • Emergency planning
  • Use and maintenance of personal safety equipmentSea Survival course Southern Cross Yachting
  • Yacht safety and survival equipment
  • Practical use of life rafts and flares
  • How to survive in the water when overboard
  • Global search and rescue structures
  • How to use emergency communication equipment
  • Helicopter rescue drills

The theory session in the morning is followed by the wet drills in the afternoon.

  • Methods of being rescued
  • Severe weather avoidance and meteorology
  • Heavy weather seamanship
  • Use of storm equipment
  • Damage control
  • Fire fighting at sea
  • Crew overboard drills
  • Dealing with marine medical emergencies.
  • Multihull survival strategies

Day one includes classroom theory followed by wet drills (swimming pool) in the afternoon. Day two includes classroom theory followed by practical flare flare .

The certificate is valid for 5 years and is recognised by World Sailing.

Australian Sailing Safety & Sea Survival:  Refresher course, one day

If your current Safety & Sea Survival Course certificate has expired, you can revalidate it with our one-day refresher course.  This includes the content of day one of the full course, including wet drills, a 25-question assessment and an update on techniques and equipment.  

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