Welcome to this edition of Southern Cross Yachting Enews.
Firstly let me announce the winner of the great ‘Share Southern Cross’s FB (!) page and win a WAGS race for 8 people’ competition. Yes with the power and technology of Facebook at our fingertips, we wrote all the names on little bits of paper and drew one out of a Southern Cross Yachting Cap (only $20 whilst stocks last) and the winner is Ben Creevey! Well done Ben and round up your team for a Wednesday afternoon race of your choice.
I must apologise to the many of you that I have lampooned in the past for using social media. Ironic particularly when, unbeknown to me, this was being posted on Facebook on a page bearing my resemblance. I think I called you insterbooktwitters and other unkind things.
For I have myself recently become a ‘Facebooker’. Or is it a ‘Bookhead”? ‘Booker’ maybe? How is it that the largest single group of people with a common interest (attention whoreing) that have ever come together in the history of the world, don’t have a common collective noun or a common name or a ‘lingo’?
So that now I am a ‘Booker’ I move that we users of Facebook globally adopt the collective handle ‘A case of bookheads’. And some lingo – when away from ‘The Book’ one is said to be ‘Off Face’.
As in “Frank is a real bookhead but he is always off face.”
I might start a page on it! I might put it in Wikipedia! Now all this came about when I inadvertently attended a workshop on social media for small business and was horrified to learn that the world had passed me by when it came to ‘connecting’ and ‘engaging’ with you, my loyal customers. Apparently I have been totally out of touch – I may as well have been doing letterbox drops and getting the Town Crier to press our wares. So I have dived head first into it. At first I thought it was nothing but pictures of coffee, re-posted wafty drivel sayings on cheesy backgrounds about being nice to each other and videos of kittens and people hurting themselves. But it is much, much more. You can also tell people you are at the airport going somewhere, sitting in a posh café drinking coffee art or pinot, and doing yoga on a beach at dawn. In fact now thanks to Facebook all our lives are fabulous! We are all jet setting, latte swilling, dawn patrollers. Some of my friends (many of whom I actually know!) seem to fall into one of several categories:
‘My life is fabulous”
Serial airport posters, these people appear to be permanently on holiday. They make me sick.
‘The Overshares’
The minutiae of your lives are not interesting. Nor is every thought that takes the lonely journey through your head. Step away from the keyboard.
‘The Re-Poster’
Rock videos, cats chasing dogs, people falling over, and ‘thought for the day’ they hit the ‘share’ button on anything shiny. Can’t you just enjoy something?

Nevertheless apart from a long lost cousin wanting to play candy crush with me, the experience has been fairly painless and quite an eye opener. Facebook was invaluable recently when an old friend passed away. It would have been impossible to get the word out to so many people in the old days (BFB). Although it is a strange concept to set up a ‘Fred’s dead ‘page then invite people to ‘Like’ it!
I have notice (via Facebook) that it is now spring so there are no more excuses about not sailing in winter. We have plenty of places available for weekend and 5 day courses coming up. See the course dates for one that suits you and enjoy the beautiful Moreton Bay spring weather.
That is all for this edition – until next time, find us on Facebook my fellow bookheads.
Cheers Mike Job

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