STCW10 (formerly STCW95) Course

STCW95 - Brisbane

Note:  2020/2021 Southern Cross Yachting is not hosting this course

The STCW10 (formerly STCW95) course with Southern Cross Yachting is intended for those mariners who wish to work on all classes of vessels internationally (but not in Aust)


Superyacht Career Training

Aim: This is a mandatory entry level safety qualification for anyone who wishes to work as a professional seafarer internationally (but not in Australia). The International Maritime Organization (IMO) lays down these Standards for the Training and Certification of Watch keepers known as STCW10 (formerly STCW95).

Duration: 5 days

Previous experience required: No experience necessary


The course is intended for those mariners who wish to work on all classes of vessels internationally (but not in Australia) including those who have RYA Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Yachtmaster, deckhands, stewards, galley staff, engineering officers, marine maintenance personnel and any crew wishing to work internationally. This course addresses Super Yacht safety issues.

On successful course completion participants will be issued with an internationally recognised, globally transportable, IMO accredited, STCW10 compliant certification specifically targeted at, but not limited to the international white boat (superyacht) industry both sail and power.

Participants are advised that not all IMO “White List’ nations mutually recognize STCW certificates issued ‘out of jurisdiction’. If you intend to work on Australian registered (AMSA) ships working from Australian ports on international voyages, check with your employer in Australia before enrolling on this course. This training is International Maritime Organization compliant, at the time of publication (April 2010)

Training will be conducted over five days in either Brisbane or Sydney resulting in the participant receiving four IMO compliant certificates:

Personal Survival Techniques (PST) Sometimes described as “Sea Survival”

  • Training in life rafts
  • Survival suits
  • Hypothermia
  • Action in the event of an Emergency
  • Distress communications
  • Practical use of flares
  • White boat (Super Yacht) specific training

Elementary First Aid for Seafarers (MFA)

  • Basic emergency response to the most common marine medical emergencies
  • Learn to suture wounds and give injections
  • Not your ‘normal’ first Aid Course

This course exceeds the requirements for Senior First Aid and Apply Senior First Aid and Apply First Aid.

 Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention

  • Types and classes of fires,
  • Hazard awareness, and
  • Methods of fire extinguishment,
  • Structure of incident
  • Response team participation
  • Appropriate personal equipment,
  • Personal safety,
  • Team support and live exercises

Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (PSSR)

  • Types of shipboard emergencies,alarms and signals,
  • Initial actions
  • Personal safety equipment,
  • Pollution prevention and management
  • Safe working practices,
  • Enclosed spaces,
  • Accident prevention,
  • Individual rights,
  • Sexual harassment,
  • Drug and alcohol awareness and
  • Prevention of abuse.

Maritime Security Awareness Certification

On successful completion of these five modules participants will receive the IMO compliant Course of Safety Training Certificate.


This course structure is unique in that over the five day period participants will be also trained to standards resulting in the issue of the following additional qualifications:

  • RYA/ISAF Personal Survival Training Course for offshore yachtsmen – Meeting ISAF Special regulations and mandatory for offshore race categories Zero, One and Two globally, such as the Fastnet race, Trans Pacific and Trans Atlantic.
  • RYA/MCA Basic Sea Survival Course mandatory for MCA commercially endorsed Yachtmasters (STCW95 < 200GRT).
  • Marine First Aid Certification which is Australian Work Cover accredited and RYA/YA compliant. It also meets training requirements for Australian Master 5 and MCA STCW95 Endorsement.

 All training is delivered by experienced accredited International Yachtmaster Instructors.


  • Day 1 and Day 2: Personal Survival Techniques (PST)
  • Day 3: Marine First Aid (MFA)
  • Day 4: Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (PSSR)
  • Day 5: Fire Training.

All modules must be undertaken (over five days) to receive STCW10 Basic Safety Certification comprising the four elements laid down by the International Maritime Organization.

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Feedback from Thor Harris PADI Master Scuba Instructor #95788

Thanks for a brilliant course. I particularly liked the course style and the rate of delivery of key learning points. This meant that there was just enough time to reflect on the practicality of each learning message which of course reinforces it and make the course quite memorable. I walked away from the course with a knowledge base that would be easily recalled and used in everyday maritime and boating and that would be memorable and to hand in the unlikely event of an emergency. The practical nature of the course for liferafts, firefighting was excellent and is a huge advantage over “theory only” classes, I am convinced that the practical elements will make the difference should they ever be needed in an emergency situation.

I would strongly recommend this course to others – particularly others in the SCUBA diving industry.

Thanks again for an excellent course.”

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