Terms & Conditions/Privacy Policy

Terms & Conditions

1. BOOKING CONFIRMATION: A minimum of 25% is payable for bookings 28 days prior to departure.
Courses within 28 days of booking require full payment. Bookings are not secure until receipt of full
2. REFUNDS/CANCELLATIONS/RESCHEDULING: Southern Cross Yachting (‘SCY’) does not provide
refunds. In an unforeseen circumstance where a student cannot attend the scheduled course, the
student may reschedule only once, at the discretion of SCY, and incur an administration fee of $150
for the change. If a future date cannot be decided on at the time of reschedule, a 12-month credit is
held from the date of receipt of full payment, whereby the future course must be completed within
this time-frame. SCY must receive the rescheduling request at least 14 days prior to departure. Any
student who fails to arrive, for any reason whatsoever including illness and has not given notification,
forfeits all fees paid. If SCY cancels a course, a position on a future course will be offered or the value
applied to another course within 12 months. Courses require a minimum of two students and SCY
reserves the right to reschedule a student who is booked on to a course where this minimum
requirement is not achieved. Where a prior theory course is a pre-requisite, SCY reserves the right to
cancel a student’s practical training, and forfeit all fees paid, within 28-day period prior to departure
in a circumstance where completion is not reasonable and failure of certification will inhibit other
students onboard. Completion of the relative theory course is the sole responsibility of the student.
3. MINORS: Any student under 16 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
4. HEALTH: Students with medical conditions are responsible for confirming their medical
practitioners consider them safe to sail and advise SCY of the relevant conditions when booking, and
both the principal and instructor when attending the course. Bring any personal medication
5. PRINCIPAL’S DECISION: Principal: The Principal’s decision is final at all times on SCY’s property and
SCY’s vessels until the appointment of the Instructor. Instructor: From the moment the Instructor
steps onboard their decision is final in accordance with Marine Law. Students: All students will
accept decisions given to them at all times whilst onboard or ashore, for the duration of the course
until the course is complete and the Instructor is no longer onboard the vessel. Every student must
act in a safe and responsible manner at all times and if the Principal/Instructor deems a student is
not, the student will be asked to disembark the vessel at the nearest port with no liability, expenses
or unused portions of fees attached to SCY.
6. WEATHER: If, in the Principal’s/Instructor’s opinion, weather conditions are deemed unsafe, SCY
will inform students as soon as possible. SCY is not liable for any travel expenses incurred by students
in the event of a cancellation. SCY will offer credit to the value of booking for use within 12-months
of the cancellation.
7. INSURANCE: SCY, its yachts and instructors are insured for sailing tuition. SCY recommends
students consider their personal insurance requirements in line with their individual lifestyle and
8. DISCLAIMER: No liability is accepted for students’ vehicles parked in the Marina grounds or
students’ possessions in the vehicle, on the pontoons, SCY’s property or vessels. No liability is
accepted for students whilst on pontoons or SCY’s property/vessels. All participation is done so at
one’s own risk. Sailing is a sport that can cause injury.
9. CERTIFICATES: SCY’s standards of instruction are high. Certificates are issued at the end of a
course only when/if the instructor deems the students is qualified in accordance with RYA Handbook.
Reissuing of certificates, for any reason, is completed directly with RYA.
10. DUTIES ONBOARD: All students are expected to engage in all duties required to run a vessel
including, but not limited to, meal preparation, cleaning and/or routine maintenance as well as a
final clean of the vessel at course completion.
11. LOST PROPERTY: SCY is not responsible for any articles of clothing or other property left on an
SCY vessel or property.
12. SERVICES PROVIDED ON OTHERS’ VESSELS: SCY allocates an Instructor for a fixed number of days for travel to/from the vessel and provision of onboard training/delivery services. Fees for
training/delivery are to be paid in full prior to departure; and costs for Instructor’s travel to/from the
vessel outside of the Greater Brisbane area are to be reimbursed to SCY. Onboard meals and private
accommodation are to be provided (or expenses reimbursed to SCY) for the Instructor for
training/delivery exceeding one day. Vessels must be seaworthy; and required safety equipment
onboard, serviceable and in-date. When weather, mechanical or other matters outside of SCY’s
control delay or prohibit the yacht’s travel or provision of training/delivery, SCY will try its best to
accommodate the shifted additional days (at student’s/owner’s cost) for the Instructor to continue
with the training/delivery to the agreed destination or completion of course. However, when a
conflict arises with an Instructor’s prior commitments, SCY will discuss options with the
student/owner when the delay is first evident and discuss options including additional delivery or
transfer costs for an Instructor to return to the vessel at a later date. For ‘Own Boat Tuition’ with
student/owner onboard, the Instructor provides instruction/guidance and is at no time the master of
the vessel, therefore, will not accept liability or responsibility for any damage obtained during the

Privacy Policy

All information collected by Southern Cross Yachting is used for the sole purpose of providing its sailing services to students. Student information is held on a secure online booking platform, and information shared with student’s Instructors includes students’ name, email, mobile, emergency contact, sailing experience, and any medical or dietary disclosures. At times, Southern Cross Yachting may use a third party provider to deliver tuition or course materials and, in addition to the above, student mailing address and date of birth may also be supplied to the provider. We do not sell or misuse information. All information is used in accordance with The Privacy Act (1988).

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