Electrics are now an unavoidable part of boating life and it is one of the most intimidating systems on a vessel. How about we unveil marine electrics so you can feel more confident on the water?

By the end of the course, you will gain an understanding of 12/24v marine electrical system covering basic systems, two battery bank system, types of batteries, and charging. It also includes some practical skills such as wire stripping, splicing, crimping and a go at soldering.

$250 when purchased as a single entity for the half-day training or $200 when completing with Ropework for the complete full day ($400 total).
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  • Previous Experience

    Nil required

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  • Certificate Upon Completion

A great place to learn all things about sailing, experienced Captains who are only to happy to answer any and all questions, a great experience,

Michael MacCormack 2021
Michael MacCormack

Well organized with a wonderful team and instructors. Completed my Comp Crew and looking forward to doing the Day skipper next.

N Dashti 2020
N Dashti

We were lucky enough to spend a day with Jamie on Moreton bay and can’t speak highly enough about it. Three of us with varied previous experience of sailing joined with a father and son to share in a day of learning the ropes. The day was tailored to our varied needs and at all times we were able to ask questions and glean experience from Jamie’s wealth of knowledge. We would highly recommend signing up for a course if you’re interested in getting back on the water after a hiatus. Thanks so much guys! It was a priceless day!

Maria Bukala 2021
Maria Bukala

We cannot express how wonderful our experience was with Jamie . He is very professional and patient in teaching us how to handle our new acquisition. Whether you are a seasoned sailor or a novice, it’s well worth spending time with a calm and knowledgeable instructor from Southern Cross. Thanks Jamie

Lee-Anne Savin 2021
Lee-Anne Savin

Specific Topics Covered:


  • Watts/Amps/Volts/Ohms

  • How Batteries Work

  • Types of Batteries

  • Wire size and length

  • Basic circuits: switches and fuses

  • Two battery bank system

  • Charging: alternators, battery chargers

  • Inverters


  • Measuring voltage and resistance using a multimeter

  • Cutting and stripping wires

  • Crimping connection terminals

  • Demonstration of soldering and splicing wires