Marine Radio Course & Exam

Knowledge of the correct use of a marine radio is not only essential for the safety of all on board, it is required by law.

An operator of a marine VHF radio must hold a Short Range Operator Certificate of Proficiency (‘SROCP’).  Many vessels are now equipped with a VHF marine radio with Digital Selective Calling (‘DSC’) capabilities, and AIS transceivers.  This equipment requires registration with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority who issues the vessel an MMSI number to enable these capabilities.  An applicant for an MMSI must hold a SROCP. 

An operator of a medium or high frequency marine radio must hold the Long Range Operator Certificate of Proficiency (‘LROCP’), and this also applies to VHF marine radio operation. 

In the one-day marine radio course in our classroom in Manly Queensland you will learn the safe and proper use of radio equipment and sit either the SROCP or LROCP exam.  An Operators Handbook is provided to you in advance of the course. 




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