Welcome to this edition of Southern Cross Yachting Enews.
What a weekend in sport we have just seen! The Kangaroos knocked over the Fijians to advance to the rugby league world cup final, the Wallabies beat Scotland to make it an unheard of 3 wins in a row, and the mighty Australian golf team took out the Golf World Cup. These golf guys really need to come up with a catchy team name if they want to stay in the headlines though. All the iconic Australian animal names are taken so they may have to think of a beast that has something to do with golf. Maybe ‘The Plovers’ or ‘The Magpies’ (maybe not though – hasn’t really made the Collingwood Football Club any more popular) What about the ‘Dung Beatles’? It could give the headline writers a field day. ‘Dung Beatles on a roll’ or ‘Battling Dung Beatles dig themselves out of the …..”
But let us not forget the highlight of not just the past weekend but the last few years with the magnificent win in the opening test at the Gabba. Absolutely nothing beats trashing the poms at cricket, with the possible exception of beating the Kiwi’s at rugby or watching a foiling Catamaran run by a couple of good Aussie boys come back from 8/1 down to humiliate the inhabitants of those shaky isles. But let me stay with the cricket for the moment. The opening test of the Ashes series is more than just a sporting contest, it carries the hopes and dreams of a nation as we prepare for the long summer ahead with the horrors of cyclones, bush fires and office Christmas parties just around the corner. Test matches between England and Australia are always great to watch and we all look forward to being entertained by that lovable bunch of clowns that go to every game and keep the crowd amused with their buffoonery. No I don’t mean the Barmy Army, I mean the Australian team. But this past 4 days (note that 4 DAYS reference you poms!) they done good!
And so I have 2 great suggestions to liven up this year’s staff Christmas party:
1/ Fly the entire staff to Adelaide to watch all 4 days (ha!) of the 2nd test or
2/ Book a function with Southern Cross Yachting!
We can take a group as small as 4 for a cruise to Horseshoe Bay for lunch or a group of 50 for a fun day of yacht racing. It won’t be as good as winning the Ashes or watching grown New Zealand men cry, but your staff will remember it for almost as long. Call the office to arrange a day out for your staff but you had better hurry. The Fat man is coming.
That’s all for this edition. Until next time, play a straight bat.
Mike Job.

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