So what is your dream job? Maybe you are one of the 9% of people who have their childhood dream job. This figure came from a recent survey on LinkedIn, and given that most people on LinkedIn appear to be looking for a job, this may not be representative of the wider population. Interestingly the same survey listed the top ten childhood dream jobs and these included helicopter pilot, pro-athlete, astronaut and actor. Now if nearly 10% of the population are working in their dream jobs then the skies should be thick with helicopters, the surf crammed with pro-surfers, and the international space station should be standing room only. And as for actors, well every coffee shop in Bondi is full of actors. Serving the coffee and waiting on both tables, and to be discovered. Or could it be that everything people post about themselves on LinkedIn isn’t true? Gasp! Surely not! Just as everyone on Facebook is on holiday or at an airport, everyone on LinkedIn is ‘living the dream’. Well working the dream anyway.

(After immersing myself in Facebook over the past few months my main conclusion from it is that you don’t need opposing thumbs to use a keyboard, but I digress).

Did you have a dream job as a child? As I recall, back in my early years, the choices were limited to things we saw in our own little orbit. TV was in its infancy then, so its influence was limited to romper room and play school. (We were all tucked up in bed by the time the good saucy stuff like ‘Number 96’ or ‘The Box’ came on. After these ended at 930 ‘God Save the Queen’ was played, a flag lowered and the test pattern came on.) So the choices came down to fireman, policeman, shop keeper or whatever your father did. I however dreamed of being a postman. I thought the idea of roaming the neighbourhood on my ‘pushy’ all day was the perfect calling, particularly as the postie was allowed to cross the road by himself. I am glad that I never followed through as thanks to email and OH&S, being a postie is now a part time job and posties are clothed head to foot in Hi-Vis spacesuits and ride mini-bikes. However by the time I turned 12 I just wanted to be a sailor. I had no idea, nor did I care how I was to earn an income from sailing, I just wanted to spend my days on the water. So I guess I make the 9% cut!

So gaze around the crowded train you are on now. Look at all your fellow commuters busy playing candy crush on their phones hoping everyone thinks they are answering emails from their Chinese business partners. Are they ‘living the dream?’ Are you?

Well, if not, then make it happen! The pathway to a career in sailing is only a phone call away. We are always looking for part time instructors and we are running an RYA cruising instructor’s course from the 18 to the 22 February 2015.

With the RYA Yachtmaster certificate now commercially recognised, it has never been simpler to begin working on the water. Think about the lot of the sailing instructor. I give you a beautiful 40 foot yacht for the weekend and fill it with food, fuel and students to sail it for you. And astoundingly we will pay you as well! (When you think about it the instructors should be paying me!)

All RYA schools are looking for instructors and how many other professions allow you to travel the world and do what you love?

No truer words were ever written than; you are a long time dead. So start planning on spending your life doing what you love. Drop me an email or give me a call to talk about the rest of your life on the water. (Out of work actors, helicopter pilots and astronauts are all welcome. Pro-athletes already service the community after they retire by opening bars).

That’s all for this edition, think about what I have written and until then, enjoy your commute to your cubical!


Mike Job

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