The big news this week is that the International Olympic Committee has announced that kite boarding will be introduced after the London games. Now I was quite excited when I heard that a new sailing class was to be added to the games. You see I have always harboured a secret ambition to represent Australia at an Olympic Games and when I heard about a new sailing class I thought ‘this could be my chance’! Knowing that I had a better chance of winning the lotto than being selected in a dinghy class, I was hoping that the IOC were maybe adding a more sedate class of sailing boat to encourage participation amongst the older demographic. Maybe the Roberts 25 or a Macgregor 26? Folk boats perhaps or maybe the S&S 34 (although in retrospect, Jessica Watson would probably have the jump on me in that class given that she has sailed around the big blue marble in one already). So you can imagine my disappointment when I heard it was the kite board.

Julia Gillard has a better chance of becoming the countries longest serving Prime Minister than I have of gaining selection for the games on a kite board. Or even sailing one 20 metres without leaving the beach in an ambulance for that matter. It’s just not fair! I mean I often watch the kite boarders zooming around the point on windy afternoons and these people are disturbingly fit looking young men and women. Surely young, fit athletic types are already over represented at the games, and it is high time they opened it up for all people, if they want the games to continue to grow in popularity. So I am starting a campaign to ‘save the Olympics’ by introducing sports that all persons can compete in, not just the good looking Stephanie Rice types that will get on in life regardless of whether they ‘Medal’ or not! I thought about shooting, but that’s too noisy and lawn bowls requires you to stand in the sun all day and can get quite nasty. The winter games seem to get my idea. Look at curling for instance. One guy slides a discy thing down the ice whilst a few others sweep furiously in front of it. I sweep a bit now anyway, but having to do it wearing ice skates is a tad unnecessary! Maybe the key is to modify some of the existing events. The 10 metre dash or perhaps the 50 metre walk. Maybe more events with subjective scoring like cooking or home brewing? What about stand up comedy or photography? Or that thing they have at fairs where you put ping pong balls in a clown’s mouth? The Games motto is ‘Higher, Faster, Stronger’. This to me is highly divisive given that it discriminates against us that are Lower, Slower and Weaker. After all when the modern games were devised it was to unite the world. And not just the chiseled young good looking ones!

And speaking of photography (how’s that for a flimsy connection!) we are pleased to announce the great Southern Cross Yachting Photography competition. We are currently revamping our web site and a gallery of photos will be a big part of this. Your photos! So we are asking you to forward any and all images taken during a Southern Cross Yachting course or activity that you may have, and are happy to be put on the website.
There are no rules – anything goes as long as it has some relevance to the school.
Please email any images you have to us and the winner of the best shot will be announced after the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show (24 – 27 May). And the prize I hear you ask?
The winner will get a free Wednesday WAGS race on board ‘Oceans’ for themselves and 5 of their family or friends. And yes you also get me as skipper for the afternoon!
So folks lets get those pics rolling in!
That’s all for this edition, until next time get clicking!
Mike Job.

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