This interwebby thingo that I am speaking to you via is truly an amazing thing.
It gives me cause to wonder what we all did before it came along. Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s I used to own an advertising agency and I spent about 12 hours a day sitting in my office and for the life of me I can’t remember what I did all day! Without a computer to stare a I cannot recall how I used to fill in my day. I guess I spent all day on the phone or writing letters and when I needed to know more about a subject I used to go to the library. Now, with a few rubs of the Google genie’s bottle, I can know everything, instantly. These days we are never more than a few keystrokes away from being an expert on any subject we choose. Of course everything you read or see on the internet is true, so there is little chance of ever being wrong as well. Truly a utopian world we live in. I recall the early days of the internet, when most of the internet content was either people’s personal websites about their hobbies or odd political beliefs and of course, pornography.

Back then, no one ever showed you how to use the internet: you just kind of stumbled upon websites, like a tourist lost in the back streets of Istanbul. Around every corner there was something new and strange to see and if you opened the wrong door, you could see things that you could have never imagined existed!
When I first started using the internet I thought that if I had a website opened, no one else could read it until I was finished and had closed it! I used to wonder where everything on the internet was stored and imagined that somewhere in the US there was a huge underground cavern, housing a gigantic super computer, with faceless technicians with clipboards buzzing around, making notes on who was looking at what. I didn’t trust it believing that it was the devil’s work. Then came the time for Southern Cross Yachting to enter the cyber world and 10 years ago Jenny created our first website using word. Astoundingly people started using it! I was amazed that people could not only find it but were reading it and then booking with us. The site has undergone several ‘polishings’ since that time but I am pleased to announce that our brand new, all singing, all dancing website has gone live today! Please visit the new Southern Cross Yachting site and we would love to hear any feedback you have about it. A huge thanks to Jenny and Cheryl for all their hard work on this. I think the new website is fantastic and we hope it makes our products and services even easier to understand, and of course buy!

Part of the website is a gallery of images and we thank the many of you that have helped by submitting photos taken by you. I note that many of you submitted shots of me looking foolish but I can assure you that that is not a rare or difficult image to capture. I am pleas5-day course April 2011 Southern Cross Yachtinged to announce that the winner of our photo competition is Mike Mollison with a photo taken during a 5-day course in April 2011. Mike wins the prize of a WAGS race on board Oceans with 5 friends. Well done Mike.

Enjoy our website, that’s all for this edition,
Until next time ‘surf safely’
Mike Job

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