I read with interest a story in this morning’s Australian, that global warming will cause sharks to become smaller. No I don’t think they mean the existing sharks will start to shrink, but over time each species will get smaller. By the year 2500, we will no longer be fearful of the ‘not so great’ whites roaming our seas. Perhaps they will be the size of a winter whiting and will make great additions to our aquariums. Our gold fish may not be impressed, but they will make interesting conversation pieces if indeed any humans will still be alive to see this. Now of course this is great news for the surfers, but not so much for the shark fishermen. At the risk of being labelled a climate change ‘skeptic’, I do feel it necessary to take all climate change stories with a grain of salt. Climate change has gone from being a scientific theory to an industry unto itself, as has also the industry of ‘denial’. Many of you around my age will recall that in the 70’s we were all told that we were heading into the next ice age and that we were all going to have to move to the equator to survive. At the time this too was claimed to be ‘settled science’ just as the exact opposite theory is claimed to be now. So if warmer waters make for smaller sharks, then predictions of a rapidly cooling ocean would surely have the opposite effect and wobbegongs would grow to a length overall greater than that of Wild Oats 11. Naturally very few people would have to worry about being eaten alive whilst surfing as Kirra and Burleigh headlands would have been converted from world class surf breaks to short run snowboarding resorts by then.
Yes the University of Adelaide has spent years and countless millions of dollars on this earth shattering research but I ask how does this knowledge assist mankind in averting the coming climatic apocalypse? Will all fish species become smaller? Will we be opening a can of tiny tuna the size of sardines? Will places that rely on sales of fish stocks be wiped out or will filleting knives just become smaller?
I think this is great news for those of us that aren’t really into fishing. Whenever I take a group of people on an offshore trip there is always someone who wants to hang a $100 lure out the back of the boat in the hope of catching a mackeral that could be bought for $20 at the local fish shop. Now I don’t mind people fishing off my boats, I just get annoyed when they catch something. We have to stop the boat whilst they reel the slimy thing in, and then there is the messy and barbaric practice of clubbing the poor creature over the head, slitting its throat and bleeding it everywhere. I just don’t see the fun in all this. I enjoy eating fish, but I also enjoy eating steak and I don’t feel the need to head out in the wild and execute a cow every time I am having a BBQ! With all species becoming smaller, this whole unpleasant practice can take place in a small bucket with little or no interruption to the sailing. Good news in my opinion!

Summer is here. I know this because the first frangipanis have blossomed in my backyard. Also the shops are starting to have images of a fat guy in a red suit all around them. So there are now no excuses to not be planning your summer sailing. We have plenty of places for one day, weekend and 5 day courses between now and Christmas so jump on the phone and book your spot as they are filling fast.

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That’s all for this edition, until next time keep cool.

Mike Job.

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